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Hard Water is water high in mineral content and has high concentration of calcium and magnesium. Hard water forms deposits called “scale”, and composed mainly of calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide and Calcium Sulfate. Water is considered the universal solvent. As it passes from liquid to vapour and back again, it tends to dissolve everything it touches – whether in the air as water vapour were it can mix with sulphur from smoke stacks forming acid or from the ground, absorbing calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, lead and limestone – water can have negative impact on you, your household and your pocketbook.

Depending on where you live, contaminants from sewage, industrial waste and agricultural run-off can also seep into your water supply. Hard water is water high in mineral content. Hard water high concentration of calcium and magnesium. With hard water, soap solutions from a white precipitate (soap scum)instead of producing a lather.

Hard water also forms deposits that clog plumbing. These deposits, called “scale”, are composed mainly of calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide and Calcium Sulfate. Calcium and magnesium carbonates tend to be deposited as Off – white solids on the surface of pipes and the surface of heat exchangers. This precipitation (formation of an insoluble solid) is principally caused by thermal decomposition of bi-carbonate ion but also happens to some extent even in the absence of such ions. Resulting build-up of scale restricts the flow of water in pipes. In boilers, the deposits impair the flow of heat into water, reducing the heating efficiency and allowing the metal boiler components to overheat. In a pressurized system, this overheating can lead to failure of the boiler.

Model specification

Automatic water softener enhances the quality of water by replacing hard salt of magnesium & calcium with sodium. Its filly automatic microprocessor controlled time based regeneration process gives freedom from calling a technician time and again maintenance/ recharging.

◉ Incorporates unique valve for regeneration on volume. (time easily settable from the front panel)

◉ Space saving design- tank housed with brine tank.

◉ High quality resin for long life efficient ion exchange process.

◉ Self operation without the assistance of a technician.

◉ High capacity operation as regeneration can be done by number of times.

◉ Maintenance free, long life value.

Advanced Benefits & Features

◉ Enhances bathing with more lather. Prevent hair loss.

◉ Keeps your skin & hair healthy looking.

◉ Extends the life of your water using appliances.

◉ Reduces the deposits in geyser & enhance its life.

◉ Reduces the feel of clothes after washing them by making them softer, cleaner & brighter.

◉ Prevents your expensive bathroom fitting from scaling & corrosion.

◉ Reduces hard water build up and makes tubes, shower and sinks clean.

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