Demineralization Plants


• The DM Plant is cost effective, can be designed for Raw water

• All components used are of good quality

• Can reduce water TDS (dissolved impurities) level below 1 ppm

• Can be provided in Automated or manual

• Can be provided in Automated or manual operation option

• Suitable for all types of commercial & industrial use

• Based upon proven resin-bed based technology

• Flow rate ranging from 500 LPH upto 50,000 LPH

• Easy to install, operate and maintain

• Easy to install, operate and maintain

• Can be designed as per technical specs given by client

• Lower foot print area

• Comes with pre and post treatment options

• Product water can meet stringent water quality norms

• Can be provided after RO system to produce best quality water

• Can be provided as skid mounted or floor mounted depending upon capacity


• Water purification by worldwide proven Resin-bed technology

• Best water quality is achieved for industrial use

• Made for commercial and industrial use

• FRP and MSRL design options as per client specifications

• Lower capacity Skid mounted plants supply as per demand

• 1 year warranty for all equipment

• Spares supply on demand

• AMC and O&M contracts are provided on demand

• Pre and post treatment equipment supply wherever required

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