Research and Development/ Study

Developing dry run and protection system for SMPS which can skip low process switch.  Know More..
We have developed SMPS based adaptor used in Domestic water purifier where it can detect pump dry run operation, it helps against failure due to dry run it also cuts down the cost of Low Pressure switch.
Making Compact RO system which can fit into smallest foot print.  Know More..
We have made RO water purifier with 10 inches height and 7 inches width. We are also trying to make it more smaller .
Wall mount installation of RO plants 250lph - 1000LPH RO plant.  Know More..
In urban areas Space is money, the more space you save the more money you make. We have successfully wall mounted RO plants ranging 250lph to 1000lph we can further wall mount with the greater capacity systems.
Comparison between Vertical & Horizontal installation of MVC Pumps.  Know More..
Our team always tries something different. Usually most of the RO plants do vertical installation of multistage vertical pumps. We have installed Multistage vertical pumps horizontally and distinguish between both the installation modes.
Auto cleaning bar screen for STP and ETP plants.  Know More..
Bar screen is the first and primary Treatment for etp and stp plants We have build system which can easily clean bar screen without human interference.
Developing better cost effective jar washing machine used in Packaged drinking water.  Know More..
20 liter pet bottle jar is usually refilled and transported to the customer. Outer and inner shells of 20 litre pet jar gets dirty every time it comes to refill. We have successfully made cost effective jar washing machine which is 60% cheaper then the market competition with highest material quality.
Development of Stainless Steel pressure Vessel and Membrane housings.  Know More..
Stainless steel is always best in durability and very good for drinking water processing due to higher and lower temperature resistibility we have made pressure vessel right from 8x44 inches to 63 x 63 inches and Membrane housings of 4 inch and 8inch with single and multiple element holding capacity.
Development water and waste water treatment Chemicals.  Know More..
We have developed our own reverse osmosis chemicals right starting from Antiscalants, biocides and cleaning chemicals for membranes.
Full Automatic water softeners for domestic use with no maintenance and no operations.  Know More..
Usually maintening your water softner is sometimes daily routine for many people where they Backwash it, rinse it and regenerate it we have bought automatic systems where all this process is carried automatically without human interference.
Automatic cleaning in place system for RO plants where no man power is involved for membrane cleaning.  Know More..
Some of our customised RO plant we have given automatic Cleaning in place systems, which can clean RO membrane automatically without human interference it detects the pressure decides when to auto clean it.
Understanding chemistry of Alkaline water and facts.  Know More..
We have Google out about alkaline water and it says alkaline water is very good for health and also have many health benefits. we went into deep study researched how Alkaline water works now we know which is the best way to make alkaline water with help of our experts.
Environment Effect of RO Rejects water.  Know More..
Its very sad but due to easy availability of Reverse osmosis components many unskilled people our involved into sales of RO system without improper knowledge of design and recovery aspects. Due to this 90% RO plants installed by them have 20-50 % recovery, tremendous amount of ground, well and fresh water is been wasted in sewers, This is the most adverse effects of installing RO plants. We have got all the case studies and documentation, where we have seriously understood environment effects of RO reject Water.
Understanding Technology air to water concepts and possibilities.  Know More..
Thanks to the people who made it possible this concept all over the world. Sometimes this is beyond of our imagination getting water via air. but it works great.
Trials of Led UV light for domestic and industrial water treatment.  Know More..
Led is the latest trending technology. We have introduced lead uv disinfection systems at reasonable cost.
Development of customised water purification unit for Poultry industry.  Know More..
70% death of birds in poultry industry occurs due to impure water we have made cost effective water treatment units which works perfectly, we have also received appreciation from poultry diagnostic research centre.
Understanding Importance of water treatment in the Animal Husbandry.  Know More..
Like humans animals also do get infected due to impure water. Animal husbandry is main source of income for lacs of people. Purifying water with right technology and giving them cost effective systems is our main motto, we are working hard to get out better to best solution for this industry.
Developing of Customised series of ultra violet system for water treatment.  Know More..
UV systems are Widely Used in water Treatment Plants we make our own systems which can suite for our plant as per the Indian Standards. We are also bringing range of uv systems for commercialization.
Introducing Screen filtration, Disc filtration and Bag filtration into pre treatment for WTP & RO Plants.  Know More..
We understand sometimes Pressure sand and carbon filter our not sufficient for better pre treatment for our small plants we have Screen filter with Stainless steel filter which is easy to clean it, Disc filter which can be used with higher turbidity value and bag filtration ranging from 50-10 micron.
Introducing Ultra violet Reaction chambers into Pre treatment of WTP & RO Plants which can save RO Membrane.  Know More..
A good Pre treatment system is not only treating suspended particles. We found 32% of RO membranes are damaged due to bio fouling issues. Our team thought something beyond chlorination and de-chlorination to sustain bio fouling so we have introduced UV reactors in pre treatment of Water treatment plants.
Experiment Regeneration of ion exchange resin with electricity.  Know More..
A funny experiment, our team thought mind bursting idea in their free time they tried to regenerate ion exchange resin used for water softening process with ELECTRICITY. The result is we burned the ion exchange resin.... :)
Trials of Running of RO Plants on solar energy.  Know More..
Usually power is the major issues in rural remote areas to have consistency to supply of drinking water we have Made RO plants to run on Solar energy.