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Sewage is a mixture of domestic and industrial wastes. It is more than 99% water, but the remainder contains some ions, suspended solids and harmful bacteria that must be removed before the water is released into the sea. India’s environment and inhabitants are suffering from a very high water pollution and water scarcity. Around 67 % of India's sewage water is lead untreated into water bodies and polluting water reserves that serve as a source of drinking water. Many sewage treatment plants fail due to incorrect planning and technical failures. The pollution is already affecting the lives of millions of people negatively every day. India’s government is now taking action to improve the situation.Many campaigns were launched countrywide and buildings without proper sewage treatment solutions were cut off from electricity.

The people are realizing the importance of sewage treatment and systems that offer quality, durability and energy-saving operation modes. One of the major challenges for implementing sewage treatment plants in India is the available footprint. The public sewer network can not cover all existing and upcoming buildings thus it is required to find solutions with the available space.

Dhara Water Corporation has been working in India since 2011 already. We have implemented more than 45 plants in India. We are offering plants for domestic and commercial sewage in variable scales starting from 1 KLD up to 100 MLD. We use the fully biological SBR process. SBR stands for Sequencing Batch Reactor. Sophisticated technology with great potential for the future.

Sewage Treatment Plant/STP

Sewage is a combination of water and waste which contains organic and inorganic solids from various establishments such as commercial, industrial or residential etc. Hence, cleaning up of waste water is very much required. Yes, it is the sewage treatment plant (STP) which eliminates harmful contaminants in the most economical manner and provides a healthier environment. We are experts in manufacturing and supplying efficient and cost-effective sewage treatment plant for various sectors in India, India. We have qualified team who always strives to improve STP design towards a better environment and because of this, we at “Dhara Water Corporation” in India has been recognized as a superior designers, manufacturers and suppliers of sewage treatment plant which is more advantageous. Here, we let you know STP or sewage treatment plant advantages.


◉ STP is proven technology which offers reliable performance at all time

◉ Sewage treatment plant preserve natural environment against pollution

◉ STP meet the standards for emission of pollutants set by the Government & avoid heavy penalty

◉ Simple and easy installation, low operation and maintenance of plant

◉ Installation of sewage treatment plant reduces risk to public health and the environment

Because of sewage treatment plant advantages, it (STP) turns out to be a best and top rated technology for treatment of wastewater and help safeguard the environment and improve safety. We have many years of experience in sewage treatment plants development and provide all types of maintenance service for our various clients across Pune.


◉ Minimal power consumption

◉ No putrid smells

◉ No annoying noises

◉ Durability

◉ Low maintenance costs

◉ Small footprints


◉ 1 kld – 100 MLD


◉ Hotel, brewery, restaurant, sanatorium, hospital, school

◉ Residence community, villa district, village, town

◉ Station, airport, seaport and dock

◉ Factory, mine, army, beauty spot

◉ All kinds of industrial sewage similar to the living sewage, etc.

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